Automated News Production Platform Produce network-quality news without a control room, or a studio
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Reduce costs for studio, hardware, infrastructure, and staff.   Pay only a fraction of the cost it takes to maintain the traditional news production process.

Network Quality

Achieve network-quality visuals by using our templated workflow that can use a remote studio with professional talent, or a virtual studio with 3D content.

Fast Launch

Traditional news production takes time to launch. With Micronews you can get your newscast launched within days using our remote studio workflow.

Full-Featured & Automated

Web-based and automated, Micronews packs Network-Quality 3D graphic templates, Virtual Set option, and optional Local Weather segments per your demand.


News prodcution platform that fits your needs and budget

Micronews is a revolutionary online platform that allows you to produce short-format news with minimum studio, hardware, and staff requirements.

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